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Ebony Bones

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

With song titles like: 'Don't Fart on my heart' and 'Like harry potter with a vagina' You'll have a right to say "Oooh...She is strange!" What exactly does that mean? Does that mean she wouldn't be asked to come onto Saturday morning kids TV? Obviously not as she was on today's T4. Ladies, Gents Ebony Bones. She's out to shock and provocate, but thankfully she has good music too (a bit like a 21st century, female- Johnny Rotten but with irony)

My friend Kwesi Sey produced some of her brilliant tracks.

She is an aquirred taste. Her music is a bit like an addiction: you know somewhere in your heart it's bad for you, yet you still keep taking it. So here I am pushing it to you too!

Ebony Bones

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